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1983 AMC

Our owner's, Miranda Rumfelt's,1983 Spirit finds itself constrained by the trappings of a 90s bracket race build, yet it beckons for a bold renaissance. In an era where pro-touring vehicles command unprecedented attention, the factory upgraded Spirit AMX stands as a remarkable testament to the fusion of American automotive heritage and pro-touring aesthetics. 


This project represents not just an upgrade transforming the Spirit into a Spirit AMX, but a journey towards modernity, seamlessly blending current design trends with cutting-edge technology. To achieve this, we excitingly have partnered with Summit Racing Equiptment and GearStar Performance Transmissions.

Below, you'll find a breakdown of the components being used in this transformation.


Commencing with the Chevy 383 Stroker, our initial steps involve replacing the current dual quad fuel system with a single fuel injection setup, followed by a refinishing process including fresh paint, installation of new valve covers and air cleaner. Our focus will then shift towards fitting small block Chevy headers into the AMC engine bay, utilizing either existing headers or crafting custom headers. This phase finishes with the fabrication of a custom 3-inch stainless steel exhaust system, ensuring a comprehensive enhancement of the vehicle's foundation.

Summit Racing™ MAX-efi 500 Fuel Injection System 

Part Number: SUM-240505

Summit Racing™ Universal Rod Builder Exhaust Kit

Part Number: SUM-670247

Summit Racing™ Interlocking V-Band Exhaust Clamps

Part Number: SUM-694300

Proform GM Licensed Slant Edge Valve Covers

Part Number: PRO-141-921

Summit Racing™ Air Cleaner

Part Number: SUM-G30010B

Summit Racing™ Reusable Air Filter Elements

Part Number: SUM-239152

Summit Racing™ Ready-to-Run Billet Distributors

Part Number: SUM-850205

Summit Racing™ High-Output Ignition Coils

Part Number: SUM-850496

Fel-Pro Engine Gasket Kits

Part Number: FEL-260-1000

Proform Alternators

Part Number: PRO-66430-16BK

Summit Racing™ Mockup Replica Blocks

Part Number: SUM-774002

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